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The period of validity or the duration of stay of a visa shall be extended where the competent authority considers that the visa holder has provided proof of force majeure or humanitarian reasons preventing him from leaving the Schengen area before the expiry of the period of validity of or the duration of stay authorised by the visa. Such an extension shall be granted free of charge.

The period of validity or the duration of stay of a visa may also be extended if the visa holder provides proof of serious personal reasons justifying the extension of the period of validity or the duration of stay. In this case, a fee of € 30 shall be charged for such an extension.

Unless otherwise decided by the authority extending the visa, the territorial validity of the extended visa shall remain the same as that of the original visa. Extension of visas shall take the form of a visa sticker.

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The competent authority is that of the Schengen State on whose territory the applicant is present at the moment of applying for an extension.

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